Montpellier believe that web design is a broad term that embraces far more than whether a site looks good or not. Website design includes the structure of the sitemap and ensuring that all pages are easy to find through a logical structure.

We talk more about the user ‘journey’ elsewhere in our website, although the layout of each page ensures that the key information is presented clearly, and that the page isn’t overcrowded is vital. 

As your website is likely to be one of your brand’s first touch-points with your public target audience,  it will fail to to be an effective brand ambassador if it is visually unattractive, which is where web design is so important from an aesthetic perspective.

At Montpellier we set out the tried and tested phases in the web design process as the first step in the project. Each phase involves close consultation with you the client, and the project won’t progress until you have signed off each agreed phase.

So let’s talk about web design for your organisation.

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