As members of the Public relations Consultants Association (PRCA) we are automatically subscribed to the PRCA’s Code of Conduct and Professional Charter (including the CAP Code under the Advertising Standards Authority’s remit).

As part of this, alongside all other PRCA members, we are required to hold the Communications Management Standard (CMS) – the hallmark of PR excellence.

How does a client benefit from CMS?

  • You will have peace of mind you are buying a professional service from a PR company that’s committed to excellence.
  • You will have the assurance that all CMS-accredited PR agencies are well-run businesses that adopt best practices in all areas of their organisation.
  • No PRCA member agency can rest on their laurels once they’ve attained the CMS standard. Accredited agencies are continually assessed and have a formal review every two years, where they are rigorously tested by an independent auditor.
  • Our audits are carried out by Redfin – they are the leading provider of Finance, Human Resource, and Business Growth Consulting services to owner- managed businessess in the creative, media and technology industries.

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