Design of new brand identity for clean energy company in Vietnam

The Client:

AGASCO manage Biogas plants across central and northern Vietnam.

Their Anerobic Digester plants capture and destroy methane emissions from wastewater treatment and replace coal in the drying process at Cassava Factories.

AGASCO’s Anerobic Digester Plants are part of its wider clean energy and emissions trading business.


The Challenge

The challenge was to create a new brand image for AGASCO which didn’t limit the company to just operating in the field of BioGas. A brand which could grow to encompass other forms of sustainable clean energy was required.

The Solution

As AGASCO were already expanding its activities to solar energy and emissions trading, building on their extensive experience and track record. The brand was designed to use the green colours and leaf like images expected of a sustainable environmental brand, but to meld these with the gas flames to denote that this is an energy company.

The Results

  • A new, user-friendly website that saw 88% of its traffic come from new users, within 2 months 
  • A successful rebranding – including a new logo and online content campaigns 
  • Vehicle branding, uniforms and corporate literature design

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