Creation of a new corporate brand with sub branding for product marketing

The Client:

Pioneers of innovative, rapid diagnostic solutions for early detection of infectious diseases.

A unique collaborative effort between the South Africans, Johns Hopkins University and Dinglasan Malaria Laboratory in Florida, US. From the drastic need for new innovation in fighting malaria, the SALVA! diagnostic technology was born and inspired Dr Pretorius to marry the science with solid, ethical business. The fight to END malaria will be stronger than before and will drive the vision to eliminate malaria and other infectious diseases.

The Challenge

Montpellier was brought on board to help shape and brand ERADA and importantly to create the product brand for the malaria diagnostic product. To facilitate its vision of striving to develop and launch this innovative technology which is a non-invasive diagnostic for the detection of sexual stage Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes, a critical component for successful human-mosquito-human transmission of the malaria parasite.

The Solution

Alongside redesigning the ERADA logo, we implemented an online content strategy, to strengthen ERADA’s public image and created the straplines ‘Early Detection, Early Treatment – End Disease’ and ‘committed to eradicating disease in the developing world’.

Once established, the next phase was to design the product branding and naming for the rapid diagnostic test kits for which we created the SALVA! brand formed from ‘saliva’ with the i inverted an placed at the end.

The Results

  • A new, user-friendly website that saw 88% of its traffic come from new users, within 2 months 
  • A successful rebranding – including a new logo and online content campaigns 
  • Product packaging and vehicle branding for consumer awareness

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