As part of our series on creating brand identities, we look at

How to create a strong and memorable visual identity


All organisations naturally look for a symbol to inspire feelings of confidence comfort and empathy. Whilst also being distinctive, modern and yet timeless. That’s a tall order for a single brief. However if you look back at the origins of branding, you find that it is rooted in the concept of tradition. Looking then to the organisations heritage is a good starting point. Symbols may already be used within the business yet not as part of the brand, so start with these.

Classic example of such an approach is the visual identity for P&O. P&O originally stood for Peninsular and Orient Seam Navigation, serving the Iberian peninsular. Their ships flags were made up of the colours of the Royal houses of Bourbon in Spain and Braganza in Portugal. This, then became the now iconic P&O visual identity. A visual system of strong coloured panels which can be used on all manner of branded material.