The Value Of Integrated Communication

Today the idea of integrated solutions is a welcome one. With benefits to the customer including time and cost efficiency, many companies are now positioning themselves as ‘one-stop-shop’ suppliers to stay ahead of their competitors. It is little wonder therefore, that more and more designers are joining forces with PR and marketing consultancies to strengthen their offering.

From a buyers perspective such partnerships can give an assurance that a holistic approach has been taken. From billboard, bus or cinema advertising to brochure and website design continuity of market position and message can be achieved with design and PR practitioners working closely together.

In addition this 360° degree view guarantees that they have received the right answer to their brief rather than the ‘closest’ one. If PR is not the answer but direct mail, advertising with a view driving prospective clients to your website your creative team should have the tools available to provide that service.

Design is only a part of the answer – it can help to define the brand character and market position by building a strong image for that company that is consistent with what it does and the way it does and quality – brand, website, corporate brochures. But none should sit in isolation from the other elements of the marketing mix. That integration can be delivered by the client or integrated consultancy that can help that organisation to blend the elements in order to get the best return for your money.

Montpellier Creative