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Slide IVITY CREAT Slide BRAND IDENTITY Creating world class brand and corporate identities for a wide portfolio of International and local businesses. Slide WEB DESIGN Creating impactful websites with strong brand messages Slide VIDEO CONTENT Corporate and brand video which gets to the heart of the message Slide CORPORATE LITERATURE Enhancing brand image and re-enforcing your corporate or brand message Slide INFO GRAPHICS Creating clean and beautiful infographics which make the complex simple Slide ANIMATION EXPLAINER VIDEO & Distilling complex messages into memorable animations that drive home the message

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Creative people eh? Who’d have ‘em? We do, and they live in our Crow’s Nest.

Make a difference to your business with our in-house creativity and design know-how.

Guided by Montpellier strategic consultants as part of an integrated approach, or responding to your one-off requirements, our experienced designers and brand experts deliver with passion, accuracy and flair. (And they have our very best coffee machine.)

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Brand Identity

New brand identity for technology client; Seven Technologies Group (7TG)

The brand identity runs across all printed literature, web and digital as well as exhibition display and interior design.

Responsive web design

New CMS driven site with intuitive, complete product product range, search function and basket facility for building a product order enquiry.

Bartuf are the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative retail display solutions in the UK.


Product branding

Product branding for award-winning distillery’s
orange and rhubarb flavour gins

Healthcare branding

Branding for Malaria rapid diagnostic test kits

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The Value Of Integrated Communication

Today the idea of integrated solutions is a welcome one. With benefits to the customer including time and cost efficiency, many companies are now positioning themselves as ‘one-stop-shop’ suppliers to stay ahead of their competitors. It is little wonder therefore, that more and more designers are joining forces with PR and marketing consultancies to strengthen…

When Is The Right Time To Re-Brand?

Staying ahead of competitors and at the forefront of your customers mind is a daily challenge for many businesses. Whether a sole trader or a multi-million pound organisation, brand recognition is one way of standing out from the crowd. Here Roger Taylor, Director of Montpellier Creative (, considers the implications of re-branding for a company…

When Naff Can Be Good For Business

Designers are renowned for taking inspiration from anything and everything. And as the world becomes an ever smaller place we are continually introduced to a huge variety of influences from many different cultures. A testament to this fact is the ‘new wave’ of retro design we are currently witnessing that is linked to the Japanese…

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