Video & Explainer Animations

Explainer videos are not an end in themselves. They should be about awakening your best story.  Informing and inspiring people with the value and impact of your brand.

We will design, write and render engaging and persuasive explainers with the minimum of hassle and within sensible costs that you can afford from pressed marketing budgets.

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Ad Hoc Property Explainer Video

We created this explainer video to describe in simple terms what is involved in being a Property Guardian for Ad Hoc.

Montpellier Company Video

Of course we don’t just create these for our clients. We did one for ourselves too.

Meet the Guardians Video

Guardianship combines cheap and flexible accommodation with property security.  Ad Hoc Guardians have a room in a property for a great price. In return, simply by living there, they secure the property for the owner.