Design of new brand identity and e-commerce website for Howe Farm Rare Breeds

The Client:

Beautiful blankets, throws and cushions made from the lustrous fleece of Leicester Longwool sheep, one of the rarest breeds in the country.

Howe Farm Rare Breeds raise their own flock and the products are woven from each years’ flock.

Taking up to three years for the animal to mature, the colours of the fleece change as they grow, ranging from chalky off-whites to slate greys and peat browns.  

The colour of each fleece each year for each animal is unique and hence the colours for the designs each year are subtly different.

Carefully hand sorted into its natural colour palette, the undyed fleece is traditionally spun and woven in Wales.  The process from raw fleece to finished product takes over 6 months.

Slow grown and lovingly created, we believe each Howe Farm product is an heirloom in the making.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a brand image for Howe Farm which whilst being contemporary and at home in the smartest London stores whilst remaining true to their farming heritage.

The Solution

The brand identity uses clean typography in a single colour to suit the natural un-dyed products and allow for easy printing and embroidery onto labels and tote bags.

The e-commerce website allows sales to be made both during and after shows and events where they have a trade stand.

The Results

  • A new, user-friendly e-commerce website


  • A successful rebranding – including a new logo and social media campaigns


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