As part of our series on developing brand guidelines, we continue to look at:

How typography is a key part of the brand identity design?

In a world full of modern technology, typography plays the role of giving consumers the first impression of a website, company or organisation. Just like colour and imagery, typography is in face one of the most important and strongest visual cues of a brand or design because it helps to capture your audiences’ mindset. Typography also delivers a brand message consistently in terms of tone and visuals. This is why typography is such an important part of the brand guidelines.


A good set of brand guidelines is a crucial guide for businesses to create artwork that will appeal to the audience. Typography in brand guidelines not only explains how each type family, typeface or individual font is used, but also for third parties such as printers and external designers to understand how each typeface should be used in different types of scenario.

Your audience is your design’s priority as the brand design defines their perceptions of the brand.