With typography being listed as one of the most important visual elements within the design of a brand identity, just as colour and imagery is. It is also important that the typeface styles used will successfully appeal to the audience. In this article, we look at some top tips for using typography in a brand identity design:

  1. Understand what typeface styles, sizes or font weights should be used within the design during different scenarios.
  2. Understand the meaning of the chosen typeface, and whether or not it will embrace any emotions in your audience.
  3. Ensure the exact colour is used on the exact typeface, keep it consistent.
  4. Know what the typography sizes would look like when displayed on different screens sizes.
  5. Typeface style should look comfortable and attractive to your audience.
  6. Refer to examples of design work on how a particular typeface has been used by previous designers.
  7. Ensure the typography used captures the right tone and style which fits the brand.
  8.  Be aware of typeface choices that the original brand creator has used.

Having a solid typography structure will build your design to a place where the look and feel are familiar and consistent, and filled with the brand’s personality.