Cracking global markets with a world leading technology company 

The Client:

From humble origins, M+W Products is currently recognised as a global leader in manufacturing of cleanroom technologiescontrolled environments, aerospace technology and defence. Established after a conversation between two friends in a German beer garden, M+W started out as a company concerned with separating wood chips from dust, in manufacturing settings.  

Now, M+W delivers for clients around the globe – providing a range of innovative technology to produce ultra-pure production environments for life science sectors and micro-processor producers.

The Challenge

With ambitions to expand globally, M+W needed to increase brand awareness in key, international markets. Beyond its existing client base, M+W had the potential to supply technology-based consumers in vertical markets and required a fully integrated PR and marketing strategy to successfully break into these new markets.  

Concerned with constructing a consistent, global brand identity built around promoting the M+W Group’s 100-year history, it was necessary to undertake a fundamental review of its value proposition and an audit on its global communications.

The Solution

Starting out with a messaging audit, we began to tease out a compelling and persuasive set of consistently applied messages for M+W’s ongoing marketing communications. Part of our journey involved redesigning M+W’s brochure and crafting engaging content to strengthen brand identity. Built to captivate, we captured M+W’s lineage and ethos, tailoring content for markets worldwide we even translated content into Mandarin to break into Chinese markets. 

Turning our attention to vertical markets, we implemented a marketing strategy across all regions worldwide, generating an extensive pipeline of leads and opportunities for M+WTapping into our media sources, we secured major coverage in Plant & Works Engineering to promote M+W’s products to a key demographic of potential clients. 

Given the nuanced complexion of M+W’s consumer base, we moulded a distinct online presence for M+W Products. Previously attached to the parent M+W Group, we designed and launched a new online and LinkedIn profile for improved customer accessibility and engagement. Through a process of continual updates and integrated PR content, we quickly developed a LinkedIn following and engaged regularly with enquiring parties. We regularly added carefully designed PR content and communicated swiftly with all parties that interacted with our content.

The Results

  • Key media coverage in relevant trade press, including Plant & Works Engineering 
  • A successful e-marketing campaign that generated inquiries from international markets, including Chinese trade 
  • A reimagined corporate identity that portrayed a confident and consistent global brand image 

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