Engineered for Success: Expanding Omega Resource Group’s Clientele 

The Client:

Founded in 1998, Omega Resource Group is an award-winning international recruitment and resource solutions business, distinguished for its innovative approach to specialist recruitment.  With its highly in-depth and vast knowledge of the aerospace, automotive, built environment, construction, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution sectors Omega delivers high value bespoke recruitment solutions. With a global outreach of seven offices worldwide Omega has the talent and skills to provide clients with role-ready candidates at the top of their game.  

This coupled with Omega’s wealth of recruitment experts means it has the capability to provide high-quality services on any scale. Whether clients require executive, permanent, contract, temporary or on-site specialists, Omega is at its prime for delivering quality in all areas.

The Challenge

Recruitment impacts every sector of global economics. As a rapidly expanding market Omega Resource Group undoubtedly wanted to capitalise on this development. To this end, it wanted to attract more clients than it had ever done so before.

The Solution

In order to highlight that Omega was the prime candidate in specialist recruitment its website had to match its prestige. The way we achieved this was by combining a flexible content management system and API integration with the company’s job posting systems. Furthermore, we implemented a live job listing section, job inquiry forms and CV upload facilities to provide an attractive website with straightforward accessibility for new candidates.   

This was further enhanced by allowing these resources to be responsive in Mobile, Tablet and Desktop viewing, providing easy access for both clients and candidates alike.   

To further entice clients and to push Omega to the forefront of the recruitment sector we led a strategy for an advertisement and social media campaign to expand outreach with both local candidates and national clients. Omega’s need for social media and online presence was solved by offering a full two-year social media audit providing regular posts on Facebook centred around the topics of recruitment and thought leadership. This boosted Omega’s social media activity and interest.  

The Results

Omega Resource Group is a global leader in recruitment and engineering personnel and through our social media audit, we:  

  • Increased LinkedIn following by 94%  
  • Delivered significant growth of 25% on Twitter 
  • Facilitated a 14% hike in Facebook followers. 

Over our long and productive 10year relationship with Omega we are proud to have seen them become the leading player in specialist recruitment personnel during which time we have continued to provide innovative strategies in PR, social content marketing, brand and design, web services, e-marketing, and strategic counsel to its founding shareholders and director, dramatically expanding its candidacy and clientele in the process.  

Do you want to expand your business clientele and gain social media traffic?