Imagine if your town was once home to ‘Britain’s worst Christmas tree’.

Residents of Tyldesley, Wigan were understandably upset when the town’s Christmas tree was voted the worst in the country in 2016, but ASDA brought some festive cheer to the town as it was chosen as the filming location of the supermarket chain’s Christmas ad in an effort to celebrate ‘modern Britain’.

The advert follows two children who spread Christmas magic throughout the town and cause a bit of mischief.

What’s so magical about it?

This campaign has a great story – but we’re not talking about the film here. While the advert itself is fairly charming and will raise a smile, it’s certainly not the most impactful and memorable story in our advent calendar selection. The real magic in this campaign was connecting with a small town and helping to boost its reputation – that in itself is a great story and has generated headlines and plenty of social media engagement for ASDA.


Source: ASDA;

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