Clever usage of colour and imagery in design helps brands to become the centre of attraction, however, it could also go wrong easily. Colour is being used as a way of influencing your audience’s intention as well as setting a tone of voice for the brand and company as a whole. It can be effectively used in expressing humans’ feelings and emotions while imagery has long been used as a way of communicating messages visually.

Here are some useful tips on how colour and imagery should be used appropriately when creating brand identities:

  1. Ensure that the visual elements are used correctly, across countries and cultures and in the correct content and styles.
  2. Visual elements are understandable by your audience.
  3. Ensure that the visual elements are related to the brand’s look and feel.
  4. Understand the characteristics of each individual colour, including how to put them together appropriately.
  5. Be careful when using colours in brand identities, e.g. the brand’s context and where it will be seen, along with the boarder physical places that it will be used.
  6. Understand the context and how each colour and image should be used.
  7. Designers should strongly immerse yourself into the brand when creating artwork and understand everything about the brand and its visual element.

Colour and imagery will most readily help your audience to actively connect to a brand or company. There are thousands of pieces of information that our mind are trying to absorb but only the most meaningful ones will capture our eyes and memory.